Sparkle Moxie

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

What's this?

Part of this. In my Entertainment Weekly, I saw a similar hat for $75. $75! For a baby hat! I decided that one, that was ridiculous, and two my impending neice NEEDS one, with a Sparkle Moxilicious twist, obviously.

I took some of the yarn that's being used for her mama's Christmas present (Malabrigio in Purple Mystery), and knitted this up with some more Mal in a lavendar color for contrast. I just kind of made things up as I went along whilst watching Futurama until 12:30 last night when in all honesty I should have been studying for my Logic final that's tomorrow. Kind of like I should be now. But I moved the heart motif (in the original, it's on the hat and not the earflap), and I started the mohawk further back. D thinks it should be trimmed down, but I'm loving how big and crazy it is right now. Should anyone want the pattern, let me know and I'll draft one up.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

So, I realize I haven't necessarily been blogging, per se (and I say per se, because I would have an entry ready to go in my head and then just kind of not get around to it (I also partially blame the new video game goodness in the house, D and I have been playing the wii and Guitar Hero II so much that our forearms hurt)).

But I have been knitting. And finishing things, which is even more of an accomplishment. First off are my two new hats, both in Malabrigio. The pink is from Handknit Holidays, and the teal is for the Meathead Knitalong, which was baby's first knitalong. I love how the tip of the teal one is so pointy, even though I thought the pink one was pointy when I first finished it. And how the brown stitching on the cream Q monogram makes the hat look particularly elifin. Plus, it knit up perfectly according to pattern. I subbed the Malabrigio instead of Lamb's Pride, but my guage was spot on, and I think I have enough left over to knit a plain, single strand hat. But now that it's FINALLY gotten cold around these parts (seriously, yesterday I was in flipflops, and today I'm freezing. I love you, Houston!), I can start wearing them with abandon.

I also managed to finish D's scarf, that doubled in size after blocking and still curls up on itself even though there's hardly any purl stitches and again, has been blocked. I'm confounded. And I finished the third attempt on S&S's baby blanket. But, in pure me mode, I forgot to take a photo of it before the baby shower.

Currently, I'm working on Christmas presents, but don't dare mention them here, otherwise they'll never get done, and finishing up my Digital Imaging project in Flash (!). Should be an interesting couple of weeks.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Made me a hat.

D's going to be the Mad Hatter for this Halloween party we're going to, so yesterday we went to Frankel's and found a cheap top hat. (As an aside, that was my first time at Frankel's and D and I are enamored) This is what I started with:

And turned it into this:

I really like this part:

Kind of makes me wish I was going to be the Mad Hatter instead of Alice.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Craziness abounds.

I don't know what it is about this semester, but it is kicking my ass. I'm taking Logic (it's a math credit), and I have to say, it's probably my favorite, non-major related class. That, and it's taught by this guy who looks like a total hippie and who rides a motorcycle. And, all of his examples involve jello and/or illegal substances or alcohol.

If Janet likes jello, then Janet likes malt liquor. Janet likes jello. Janet likes malt liquour.


I'm also taking Digital Imaging, and I am loving that class. Today I finished up a panorama of the traveling carnival that's set up in the parking of the ghetto mall I used to work at. But, while I love the class, I am spending at least four hours or so outside of class working on things.

I'm knitting like crazy cakes, including my mom's purse (finally!), mountains of baby stuffs, and a something I'm thinking about contributing. If I don't, I'll publish it here, I think it's kind of cute, and working on my Halloween costume, which I'm pretty excited about. D's going to be the Mad Hatter, and I'm going as Alice. Both costumes are heavy on the plaid, and other graphic prints. Although, if I had it my way, D's costume would have centered around this great lilac plaid I found. Jay McCarrol likes it! D should, too.

I'm going to try to get some pictures up later.

Peace Out!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Odessa! That was a quick knit.

I had lunch with D's aunt (who I love, love, love and am appropriating for myself) since I was having a rough couple of weeks and wanted her advice on things. To cheer me up, she took me by the Hen House, the yarn store she goes to in Spring. While there, I found a skein of Karaoke in this gorgeous colorway and had to have some. Although, at ten dollars a skein, I could only afford to have to have one, so a hat it was!

While I love the yarn, I hate the way the company skeins it. There was a knot near the beginning, another in the middle, and a very awkward color jump near that second knot, causing me to have to switch which end I was working from and then splice them together. Eh.

Yesterday, I wound up stranded at home instead of at school (long story), and in a foul mood because of it. I decided to make my mom's Noni bag, since it was for her birthday and that was oh, the beginning of August. But when I pulled out my Cascade to wind it, the purples didn't seem to match. At the store, I thought I had picked out a cool purple and a cool heathered lavender, but at home, the purple seemed more red violet. So my mood got even funkier, and I started working on the Zia shawl that I was supposed to have finished to have taken on my vacation (as an aside, the only time I would have wound up using it would have been in the car on the way to and from to shield myself from the sub-Arctic temperatures at which my uncle kept the air conditioning). Then today, when I took the yarn outside to photograph it so I could complain about it here, et voila! it matches again. Some days, you know?

But, in fabulous news, a week ago, D's brother and his wife announced that they were expecting triplets. In fact, the way N decided to tell me was by calling my sleepy self up and telling me to start knitting. In triplicate. That makes FOUR babies on their way into this family. So on the right, the pink/green/orange/yellow log cabin is for S& S, and the blue/turquoise/purple log cabin and the one and a half baby Odessas are for the triplets. They don't know what they're having yet, but I'm doing these colors because I know they're N's favorites.

Next year will undoubtedly be interesting. Stay tuned.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

I know what you're thinking. More freaking booties! But I couldn't help myself. These are for the incubating neice, so I absolutely had to.

And, as a warning, I have been sitting on this post for half a week, so, dated info is a-coming.

As happy as I was that Angela finally got kicked off Project Runway, and am even more happy that Vincent got kicked off. That man is a complete nut, and not in a fun, quirky, uses the phrase 'piss and vinegar' while he shells roasted peanuts and ruminates on his porch kind of way (I'm using my grandfather as a model, can you tell), but definitely in a creepy, grosses you out everytime he said that one of his crack-ass designs gets him off kind of way. Whatever Vincent, happy trails. But don't let us know about them.

Anyhoo, Natalie and I took a cabling class last weekend at Yarntopia. Much cabling fun was had by all. We were using Malbrigio, and I do believe that's my new absolute favorite yarn. So fucking yummy. So yummy, in fact, that I've already finished my scarf, I just couldn't put it down. I need to weave in some ends, and then block it, but I should have pictures up within the week.

The class was taught by Brynne Sutton of Samus. How cool is that? Brynne was very nice, very patient, and very funny. I highly recommend taking one of her classes.

But now I'm off; have to go to school to work on a project (on a Sunday, gah).

Monday, August 28, 2006

I totally broke my own edict about not casting on for anything new before I finished up my Un-fo's. But these booties are so mutha-frickin-cute I think it's ok. Made with Knitpicks Shine, they are so squishy and cute that they even reduce D to an incoherent goof. They're for a co-worker's daughter, and match the blanket I made for her.

And can I say


I am so fricking happy that fricking Angela finally got kicked off the show. Girl was absolutely crazy, and I so wish that Alison were on in her place. Well, if I'm making wishes, I wish that creepy Vincent had gotten kicked off the last three times he's been on the chopping block, but whatever.

And in fantabulous news, this blogger is the future auntie of a future niece! I'm so excited.

I had my first critique for my digital imaging class, and I think it went well. In the PR vein, I find that completing my projects for my art classes is much more bearable/less stressable when I just think of them as PR challenges. Make it work!

This weekend I should be taking a cabling course, if someone else signs up for it. My SIL said she might, if she's feeling better by Friday or so, so we'll see. And Ok Go is doing their treadmill thing-a-thing tomorrow night on the VMA's. Go forth and watch the synchronized goodness.