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Friday, April 07, 2006

I wish I knew some quote about embarking.

But I don't.

Anywho. The yarn came in today for the Somewhat Cowl! I'm so fucking excited. I'll have to remember that when I get to the point where I have either A., gone willynilly in the search for another project or B., get frustrated with something that's actually very simple and want to give up.

Obviously, this is all
Knitpicks stuff. I knew I wanted to work with Shine, and I chose Orchid. Its got more pink in it than violet, but nothing I can't live with. Then of course I had to spend a little more to get free shipping, so the teal stuff is the new Shine Worsted in Reef, and that little bit of alpaca heaven is Decadence in Chocolate. All I've done is touch it, but holy crap is this stuff nice. If it were a person, it could make a self-respecting Catholic school girl go all the way with it on prom night.

Got a little flushed thinking about it.

But, the Shine Worsted will probably be the little octagonal bag from Loop D Loop (which I found for 8 bucks at an outlet store, could I be any happier about that?), and the Decadence will be a
One Skein Wonder.

You know.
To keep a gal warm on those lonely nights.


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