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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Somewhat Cowl is dead! Long live the Somewhat Cowl.

Or at least the first version is dead. Do not ask me why, but I thought I was supposed to swatch on the smaller needles. Where this idea came from, I don't know. It's not anywhere on the pattern. It's not in the email I sent
Knit and Tonic asking about gauge (even though its on the description page), so, in other words, what the fuck?

I tried it on after joining the piece to work in the round, and it was big. So I decided to do some decreases under the arms, and it was still too big. Two and a half skeins, all zipped right out courtesy of my ball winder (and is it just me right now, or does a ball winder seem like something a guy wouldn't want to run into in a dark alley late at night?).

So I went to
Yarns 2 Ewe to get some size three circulars for the ribbing when I passed the Lamb's Pride. And kind of out of nowhere I fixated on three colors that I know D would like. And that would be perfect for Kate. Since D and I are going to make Easter baskets for each other this year, I decided to modify Kate to be a monkey for D's basket.

The yarn's bulky, not worsted, and so far unnamed monkey has a bit of a fat ass. But that's ok. If Sir Mix-A-Lot likes it, then that's good enough for me.


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