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Saturday, May 06, 2006

All this week I've had a problem. The prognosis? Yarn Store Wanderlust.

Now, please, bear in mind: I love my
LYS. No questions about it. The staff are always friendly, especially the owner who bends over backwards to help. But I was reading a review of the other yarn shops in the area and I got curious. And being that I am a girl who's only ever cheated on her homework in high school, I threw yarn store fidelity to the wind.

Nancy's Knits I just skipped, beacause that's where I used to go, and....ehh. Then I went to Nimble Fingers, where I got all of these magazines to the left for a dollar (yes, I realize that lots of stuff from Vogue is the stuff that
You Knit What? is made of, but I did find at least one pattern per magazine that I want to make) and the Erdal for 75% off. The shop is mostly needlepoint stuff, and the only things I found that Y2E doesn't carry was overpriced.

Next I went to
Mary Charles Yarn. Cute set up, and I may wind up going there for the odd thing or two I haven't really seen anywhere else, but I do have to say I was underwhelmed.

But, the big find was Yarntopia. At first I had dismissed it because it was all the way out in Katy, but I called up my friend Jennifer and we made the trek out there. They have so much neat stuff. I got that absolutely gorgeous sock yarn, and some of the cushiest merino wool I have ever, ever felt. No clue what its going to be, but it doesn't matter.

And may I say My husband has impeccable taste? He picked out Hand Maiden wool and silk blend that is fucking delicious. I did right marrying this guy. I started up a simple seed stitch scarf to show of the luster and texture with two columns of stockinette running up the middle. I think this will be my May Project Spectrum thing-a-thing.

So, the wanderlust has been sated, and I've decided that Y2E will still be my "home store," but Yarntopia is without question worth the trip every now and then.


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