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Monday, May 29, 2006

Firstly, I tried to get a good picture, I promise. This is the first and least blurry picture out of five (seriously, the more still D and I tried to be, the more blurry the photo. I don't get it.).

This is the shawl twelve and a half repeats in. I think I said in my last post that it was going along swimmingly, but it seems as though the lifeguards have put out the yellow flags. For whatever reason, I keep ending up with not enough stitches by the time I get to the end of the row. So I frog til the end of the row (or close enough that I know I did the first few stitches correctly, even though that doesn't always work as one row I ripped out three times only to find that the problem was the first stitch -- I had knit three toghether instead of two). On the whole, I am enjoying this, and the yarn. Especially the yarn. I love pulling a length from the ball and watching it flutter down.

But I am pissed about my not being able to keep track of stitches. Bleh.

In other news, I have been offered an internship and a part-time position at Y2E. The internship is with a woman who does
wedding invitations. I've done assembly work for her for about two years now, and I go to talk with her about it tomorrow. I'm really exicted. And, depending on how that works out, I'll talk to Wendy to see if what little time I have left will be of help to her.

We've re-arranged the apartment and (several trips to Ikea later) I now have a craft wall. Oh the joy.

After all of that, the rest of the weekend was filled with seeing the new X-Men movie (twice, although both viewings were so horrible (one with talkers/kickers and another on the Very. First. Row. because D's brother couldn't get his act together and get to the theater on time) that we don't even count them), starting a pair of socks for myself out of that gorgeous Fleece Artist (my new favorite sock yarn), and watching Robot Chicken on dvd.

Oh, Robot Chicken. Both D and I are very much enamored by the dementedness, and we watched so much of it yesterday that both Mila Kunis and Danny Masterson were in my dreams last night, wherein the three of us were some kind of crime fighting team.

A demented one, of course.


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