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Friday, May 12, 2006

How fun is it to get mail that's not a bill, junk, or stuff about your student loan?

Very very. (Which reminds me of an episode of one of my absolute favorite cartoons, Rocco's Modern Life, when he's on a home renovation gameshow (!), and in order to win a huge new kitchen, he must answer the question "How big is Really Really Big Man's kitchen?" to which Rocco tentatively answers "Really really?" Love it.)

Anyhoo, I got my first little package from my Secret Pal today! Woot! Thanks Secret Pal! I can't wait to try out these bath salts, they smell yu-mmy.

Today I started working on D's scarf again. I had decided in my head that while the two rows of plain stockinette among the seed stitch did stand out wonderfully, they looked like they should be cabled, or something. And I don't know that D's a terribly cable-y kind of guy (except for the Urban Aran, because like it or not, D would look hot in the Urban Aran (if I could find the damn pattern)). So I went hunting through my new book, and found this pattern.

Not too fancy pants, just a little bit of texture, and, I think, it masculinizes the silk. And fast. The pattern is worked over two rows, one of them just purling, and that's it.

I'm hoping to finish this up soon, so I can finish up MattyJ's now very late birthday scarf, and because (and I swear this should be some of the last purchasing for awhile, but even then I only went shopping because we got our tax return, and D and I have an agreement where we each get to spend $100 on ourselves and the rest on whatever important thing is going on at the thime) I went back to Yarntopia yesterday. I got two more skeins of that lovely merino from Uraguay to make some sort of cropped sweater/cardian thing, and more Handmaiden! A huge skein of mohair to make my first lace project.

And, finally, here's my project for Color, the Four Elements. I'm very pleased with the way it came out, and definitely want to try this again. I'm not very happy about the set up. From the begining I'd wanted to do soemthing like this, in particular because of Debbie New's Duet with a Theremin from Unexpeted Knitting. I love how the frame invited you to touch it. This however, stretches out "Air" way too much, and falls over at the first suggestion of a breeze. People have suggested I frame it, but then you can't touch it.

Something will have to be done.

And I lied. That wasn't the last thing. I submitted an entry for
Glampyre's new contest! I'm very excited about it, and even if she doesn't pick it, I still want to see it made, so it might be my first foray into designing.


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