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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

This Secret Pal is good. Today, after a miserable and frustrating day back at the old job, I got (insert joyous music here) the pattern book with the
Urban Aran in it. I was so excited that it actually elicited an out loud "Holy Crap!" as I opened it in front of my mail box.

Thank you so, so much, SP!

Reading over the pattern really makes me appreciate how talented brooklyn tweed is; some of the modifications he did are stumping me a little, but I hope that once I get going, I'll figure it out.

Thus begins the quest for a good yarn for this sweater!

And I've got the internship! Woot. It's going to be about twenty hours a week, doing a whole hodgepodge of stuff that may eventually lead to bigger things. I'm pretty excited, but the downside is that I don't think I'll have time to work at the yarn store (which sucks -- during my shitty day at work, all I could think was "They better not make me fill in at this office again, I've got another job offer!" (I work in a school attendance office, but today they put me in an office full of angry, rabid parents to fill in for I don't even know who, since there were able-bodied people who could have done what I was doing (namely, playing word games on Shockwave when I wasn't being assailed by aforementioned rabid parents))).


As we segueway from May to June, I thought I'd post this picture for Project Spectrum. It's one of my new baskets that I got to organize my craft wall. Geek that I am, I now have my yarns sorted by color. Its fanfuckingtastic, I tell you.

Now I'm off to measure and cut paper (I told you it was a hodgepodge).

One last time:

Thank you Secret Pal!!!


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