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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Two and a half jobs will really yank the spare time out from under your feet. But things are going well. I've been put back in my regular office at the school (today's adventures included overdramatic mother/daughter tag team theatrics, and attempted bribery, woot!), and the internship is going well.

And the half job? I've got another sample to knit for Y2E -- Glad from the new spring Rowan. The store owner picked out this Kidsilk Spray, in this pretty, heather-y/pale violet color. I swatched, and apparently, I don't knit on guage like I thought I did. It's like being the last puppy picked from the litter. For not being on guage. Instead of getting 11 stitches to the inch, I got nine on size sixes. Threes are the next guinea pigs, but I really think I need the fours. The fours that are currently being used for the lace shawl (on which progress is being made, albiet slowly). And I really want to leave that alone, since I'm fairly certain I'll get bored of all the stockinette and will want to shake things up.

Oh, and have you seen the new spring Magknits? I almost ripped out the sock I'm at the heel on just to convert it to Tropicana.


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