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Monday, August 28, 2006

I totally broke my own edict about not casting on for anything new before I finished up my Un-fo's. But these booties are so mutha-frickin-cute I think it's ok. Made with Knitpicks Shine, they are so squishy and cute that they even reduce D to an incoherent goof. They're for a co-worker's daughter, and match the blanket I made for her.

And can I say


I am so fricking happy that fricking Angela finally got kicked off the show. Girl was absolutely crazy, and I so wish that Alison were on in her place. Well, if I'm making wishes, I wish that creepy Vincent had gotten kicked off the last three times he's been on the chopping block, but whatever.

And in fantabulous news, this blogger is the future auntie of a future niece! I'm so excited.

I had my first critique for my digital imaging class, and I think it went well. In the PR vein, I find that completing my projects for my art classes is much more bearable/less stressable when I just think of them as PR challenges. Make it work!

This weekend I should be taking a cabling course, if someone else signs up for it. My SIL said she might, if she's feeling better by Friday or so, so we'll see. And Ok Go is doing their treadmill thing-a-thing tomorrow night on the VMA's. Go forth and watch the synchronized goodness.


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