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Monday, August 14, 2006

Lookit! Actual knitting content! (As an aside, that sentence was rife with typos -- I'm blaming the wicked bad cold I've had for the last week for those and any other mistakes that might slip by)

Anywho, this is the Noni baguette purse and camelia flower. This pattern is super easy, and really fast. So fast in fact that it was supposed to be my vacation knitting, but I got started early and that kind of didn't happen. I'm glad did it early though. I bought more yarn to make one for my mom for her birthday, intending for that to be my vacation knitting, but there was no way it would have fit in my luggage the way I packed. But I highly recommend the pattern, even if I did make the flower too big and had to felt the hell out of it.

And thanks much to my Secret Pal! Right before I left, she sent me a big box of goodies, including some Mission Falls cotton that I can't wait to get started on, even though that's going to have to wait (more on that in a bit). And when I got back I got an envelope with some old knitting magazines. I'm having fun going through them, and some of the names are particularly funny after having been on a cruise.

Anywho. I've taken stock of my Un-FO's, and decided that there are far too many of them. They include (and I knowI'm forgetting some here): my mom's Clapotis from last Christmas, D's green scarf I started a while back, the baby blanket for S & S, the Print O' The Wave Stole, not to mention the fact that I promised my brother a cover/case for his PSP. So I told myself that I wouldn't cast on for anything until those pieces were finished.

This, to say the least, should be interesting.


Blogger cecily said...

That bag is ADORABLE! I'm jealous.

P.S. Please update before the 31st, the end of the exchange. :)

5:49 AM  

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