Sparkle Moxie

Thursday, November 30, 2006

So, I realize I haven't necessarily been blogging, per se (and I say per se, because I would have an entry ready to go in my head and then just kind of not get around to it (I also partially blame the new video game goodness in the house, D and I have been playing the wii and Guitar Hero II so much that our forearms hurt)).

But I have been knitting. And finishing things, which is even more of an accomplishment. First off are my two new hats, both in Malabrigio. The pink is from Handknit Holidays, and the teal is for the Meathead Knitalong, which was baby's first knitalong. I love how the tip of the teal one is so pointy, even though I thought the pink one was pointy when I first finished it. And how the brown stitching on the cream Q monogram makes the hat look particularly elifin. Plus, it knit up perfectly according to pattern. I subbed the Malabrigio instead of Lamb's Pride, but my guage was spot on, and I think I have enough left over to knit a plain, single strand hat. But now that it's FINALLY gotten cold around these parts (seriously, yesterday I was in flipflops, and today I'm freezing. I love you, Houston!), I can start wearing them with abandon.

I also managed to finish D's scarf, that doubled in size after blocking and still curls up on itself even though there's hardly any purl stitches and again, has been blocked. I'm confounded. And I finished the third attempt on S&S's baby blanket. But, in pure me mode, I forgot to take a photo of it before the baby shower.

Currently, I'm working on Christmas presents, but don't dare mention them here, otherwise they'll never get done, and finishing up my Digital Imaging project in Flash (!). Should be an interesting couple of weeks.